June 2017 21st HOME v Heron 'B'
  28th Smugglers Inn 'A' AWAY
July 2017 5th HOME v Prince of Wales
  12th BYE
  19th Heron 'A' AWAY
  26th HOME v Smugglers Inn 'B'
August 2017 2nd Rodney's Sports Bar 'A' AWAY
  9th HOME v Druids Head 'B'
  16th Herne Bay Angling Club 'A' AWAY
  23rd Heron 'B' AWAY
  30th HOME v Smugglrs inn 'A'
September 2017 6th Prince of Wales AWAY
  13th BYE
  20th HOME v Heron 'A'
  27th Smugglers Inn 'B' AWAY
October 2017 4th HOME v Rodneys Sports Bar 'A'
  11th Druids Head AWAY
  18th HOME v Herne Bay Angling Club 'A'
  25th Presentation Night


Final 2017 Calendar

January Saturday 29th Open Transfer of Registration & Regressions closed
February Saturday 11th Rules and Development meeting @ Shoreham RC 10am
  Saturday 27th Closing date for items for inclusion to AGM.
March Saturday 4th C.A.R.A. Umpires Annual General Meeting @ Folkestone 10.30hrs
  Sunday 12th Adur Head @ Shoreham Rowing club
April Saturday 8th C.A.R.A. Annual General Meeting @ Eastbourne 10.30hrs
  Saturday 22nd Viking Shield Regatta @ at Folkestone 10.30am
  Saturday 29th Last Day for Clubs to submit 2017 Affiliation payment.
May Saturday 13th Shoreham Regatta. ( TBC start) [postponed]
  Sunday 14th Brighton & Hove Regatta. ( TBC start) [postponed]
  Saturday 27th Hastings Regatta @ Bexhill ( TBC start)
  Sunday 28th Bexhill Regatta. ( TBC start)
June Saturday 10th Worthing Regatta. [postponed]
  Sunday 11th Worthing Town Regatta. [postponed]
  Sunday 18th Dover Regatta 10.30hrs start
  Saturday 24th Eastbourne Regatta. 9.30hrs start
July Saturday 1st Deal Regatta. 9.30hrs start
  Saturday 8th Herne Bay Regatta. 10.30hrs start
  Sunday 9th Folkestone Regatta. 11.00hrs start
  Saturday 15th Southsea Regatta. 9.30hrs start
  Saturday 22nd Worthing Regatta [Probable Rescheduled Date]
  Sunday 23rd Worthing Town Regatta [Probable Rescheduled Date]
  Saturday 29th Shoreham Regatta [Rescheduled Date]
  Sunday 30th Brighton & Hove Regatta [Rescheduled Date]
August Sunday 6th CARA Regatta @ Bexhill
  Saturday 26th C.A.R.A. Row-off`s @ either Bexhill or Folkestone if required
September Saturday 2nd South Coast Championships at Dorney Lake, Eton.
  Saturday 23rd C.A.R.A. Umpires Commission Meeting at Bexhill.
  Saturday 29th C.A.R.A Dinner and Dance Presentation Evening
October Saturday 6th Closing date for 2017 Regatta Dates to be submitted.
  Saturday 20th Association Half Yearly Executive Meeting at Bexhill.

South Coast Championships ;
2018… (to be organised by C.A.R.A) @ Deal
2019… (to be organised by W.E.A.R.A) @ Dartmouth
2020… (to be organised by Hants & Dorset @VenueTBC

2017   Sunday   Wednesday   Friday
January 1 N/A 4 N/a 6 Harry Roberts
  8 Liz Taylor 11 N/a 13 John Cox
  15 Kaye Sullivan 18 Trevor Brown 20 Jon Holness
  22 Paul Iddenden 25 N/a 27 Ian Ingram
  29 Jane Dalton        
February     1 Garry Cooper 3 Dave Evans
  5 Jim Campbell 8 N/a 10 Ryan Epps
  12 Paul Monroe 15 N/a 17 Harry Roberts
  19 Mark Jeffries 22 Mark Davies 24 John Cox
  26 Liz Taylor        
March     1   3 Jon Holness
  5 Paul Iddenden 8 N/a 10 Dave Evans
  12 Jane Dalton 15 Trevor Brown 17 Ian Ingram
  19 Jim Campbell 22 N/a 24 Ryan Epps
  26 Paul Monroe 29 N/a 31 Harry Roberts
April 2 Liz Taylor 5 Mark Davies 7 John Cox
  9 Mark Jeffries 12 N/a 14 Jon Holness
  16 Paul Iddenden 19 N/a 21 Dave Evans
  23 Jane Dalton 26 Trevor Brown 28 Ian Ingram
  30 Jim Campbell        
May     3 Garry Cooper 5 Ryan Epps
  7 Paul Monroe 10 N/a 12 Harry Roberts
  14 Liz Taylor 17 Mark Davies 19 John Cox
  21 Paul Iddenden 24 N/a 26 Jon Holness
  28 Mark Jeffries 31 Trevor Brown    
June         2 Dave Evans
  4 Jane Dalton 7 Ryan Epps 9 Ian Ingram
  11 Jim Campbell 14 Mark Davies 16 Ryan Epps
  18 Paul Monroe 21 Pool Team 23 Harry Roberts
  25 Liz Taylor 28 Pool Team 30 John Cox
July 2 Paul Iddenden 5 Trevor Brown 7 Jon Holness
  9 Jane Dalton 12 Ryan Epps 14 Dave Evans
  16 Jim Campbell 19 Mark Davies 21 Ian Ingram
  23 Mark Jeffries 26 Garry Cooper 28 Ryan Epps
  30 Paul Monroe        
August     2 Pool Team 4 Harry Roberts
  6 Liz Taylor 9 Trevor Brown 11 John Cox
  13 Paul Iddenden 16 Ryan Epps 18 Jon Holness
  20 Jane Dalton 23 Garry Cooper 25 Dave Evans
  27 Jim Campbell 30 Mark Davies    
September         1 Ian Ingram
  3 Paul Monroe 6 Pool Team 8 Ryan Epps
  10 Mark Jeffries 13 Pool Team 15 Harry Roberts
  17 Liz Taylor 20 Trevor Brown 22 John Cox
  24 Paul Iddenden 27 Ryan Epps 29 Jon Holness
October 1 Jane Dalton 4 Mark Davies 6 Dave Evans
  8 Jim Campbell 11 Garry Cooper 13 Ian Ingram
  15 Paul Monroe 18 Pool Team 20 Ryan Epps
  22 Liz Taylor 25 Trevor Brown 27 Harry Roberts
  29 Mark Jeffries        
November     1 Ryan Epps 3 John Cox
  5 Paul Iddenden 8 Garry Cooper 10 Jon Holness
  12 Jane Dalton 15 Mark Davies 17 Dave Evans
  19 Jim Campbell 22 Pool Team 24 Ian Ingram
  26 Paul Monroe 29 Trevor Brown    
December         1 Ryan Epps
  3 Liz Taylor 6 Ryan Epps 8 Harry Roberts
  10 Paul Monroe 13 Mark Davies 15 John Cox
  17 Paul Iddenden 20 Garry Cooper 22 Jon Holness
  24 N/A 27 N/A 29 Dave Evans
  31 Jane Dalton        
2018   Sunday   Wednesday   Friday
January     3 Pool Team 5 Ian Ingram
    Jim Campbell 10 Trevor Brown 12 Ryan Epps
  7 Paul Monroe 17 Ryan Epps 19 Harry Roberts
  14 Liz Taylor 24 Mark Davies 26 John Cox
  21 Paul Iddenden 25 Pool Team    
  28   31 Pool Team    

The Club's Annual General Meeting was held at the Boathouse on Friday the 20th January.

The main business at this well attended meeting was to elect a new committe for the year ahead and accordingly the following officers of the club have been elected to serve this year:

  • President - Ryan Epps
  • Chairman - Trevor Brown
  • Vice Chairman - Stuart Webb
  • Hon. Secretary - Mark Davies
  • Hon. Treasurer - Harry Roberts
  • Regatta secretary - Liz Taylor
  • Hon. Auditors - Ogilvy & Co, 94 Highdown Road, Hove, E Sussex.
  • Captain - Luke Towner
  • Vice-Captain - Emily Noyes
  • Safety Officer - Jeff Hutton
  • Club Welfare - John Cox
  • Six committee posts
    • Four rowing members - Mark Jeffries, Kaye Sullivan, Darren White, George Holness
    • Two social members - Paul Monroe, Jon Holness
November 2016 9th No Matches
  16th BYE
  23rd AWAY v Heron 'B'
  30th HOME v Herne Bay Angling Club 'B'
December 2016 7th 1st round - The Phil Atkinson Memorial KO Cup
  14th AWAY v Prince of Wales 'B'
  21st HOME v Smugglers Inn 'B'
January 2017 4th AWAY v Heron 'A'
  11th Individual Knock Out Competitions
  18th HOME v Herne Bay Angling Club 'A'
  25th AWAY v Rodney's Sprts Bar 'A'
February 2017 1st HOME v Smugglers Inn 'A'
  8th No Matches
  15th BYE
  22nd HOME v Heron 'B'
March 2017 1st 2nd round - The Phil Atkinson Memorial KO Cup
  8th AWAY v Herne Bay Angling Club 'B'
  15th HOME v Prince of Wales 'B'
  22nd Individual Knock Out Competitions
  29th AWAY v Smugglers Inn 'B'
April 2017 5th HOME v Heron 'A'
  12th No Matches
  19th AWAY c Herne Bay Angling club 'A'
  26th HOME v Rodneys Sports Bar 'A'
May 2017 3rd Semi Final - The Phil Atkinson Memorial KO Cup
  10th AWAY v Smugglers Inn 'A'
  17th No Matches
  24th Final - The Phil Atkinson Memorial KO Cup


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