Race 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Time
J14 Quad Sculls Herne Bay Deal A Deal B n/a n/a n/a 3.25
Ladies/J16 Quad Sculls Shoreham A Deal A Herne Bay B Shoreham B Herne Bay A Deal B 3.32
Mens J16 Quad Sculls Deal Worthing Herne Bay n/a n/a n/a 2.38
Ladies Junior Pairs Shoreham A Bexhill A Shoreham B Deal Herne Bay n/a 11.27
Ladies Double Sculls Shoreham B Worthing Dover B Shoreham A Herne Bay Dover A 9.30
Ladies Senior Pairs Shoreham A Deal B Shoreham B Bexhill Deal A n/a 9.48
Ladies Novice 4 Folkestone Bexhill Shoreham Deal B Herne Bay n/a 10.06
Ladies Junior 4 Bexhill B Shoreham A Dover Herne Bay A Deal Bexhill A 9.15
Ladies Senior 4 Shoreham A Shoreham B Deal Bexhill n/a n/a 10.13
Men's Novice Sculls Bexhill C Bexhill B Deal A Dover C Herne Bay A Bexhill A 9.11
Mens Junior Scull Deal A Bexhill A Bexhill B Herne Bay B Dover A Herne Bay A 10.50
Mens Senior Scull Deal Shoreham A Herne Bay B Bexhill B Herne Bay A Bexhill A 8.33
Mens Junior Pairs Shoreham A Dover Bexhill B Bexhill A Deal B Deal A 9.25
Mens Senior Pairs Deal A Folkestone Deal C Bexhill A Herne Bay B Herne Bay A 8.22
Mens Novice 4 Bexhill B Bexhill C Worthing Dover Eastbourne B Herne Bay 9.44
Mens Junior 4 Deal A Shoreham A Bexhill B Dover Worthing Bexhill A 8.36
Mens Junior Senior 4 Deal A Deal B Herne Bay Bexhill A Bexhill B Bexhill C 8.57
Mens Senior 4 Herne Bay Deal B Deal A Bexhill Folkestone n/a 8.20
Veterans 40+ Folkestone Herne Bay A Bexhill Herne Bay B Eastbourne Deal 9.45
Veterans 50+ Folkestone Herne Bay A Herne Bay B Shoreham B n/a n/a 8.36
Event 1st 2nd 3rd Time
J14 Quad Sculls n/a n/a n/a n/a
Ladies/J16 Quad Sculls Shoreham (A) Bexhill Herne Bay 4.21
Mens J16 Quad Sculls Deal (A) Deal (B) Dover 3.27
Ladies Novice 4 - Final Dover (B) Herne Bay (A) Dover (A) 10.04
Ladies Junior Pairs Deal (A) Bexhill Worthing 10.26
Ladies Junior 4 Deal (A) Worthing Dover 9.41
Ladies Double Sculls Shoreham (A) Shoreham (B) Dover (B) 10.08
Ladies Senior Pairs Shoreham (A) Bexhill (C) Bexhill (B) 9.41
Ladies Senior 4 Shoreham (A) Bexhill Worthing 9.33
Mens Novice 4 Eastbourne Bexhill Herne Bay 9.28
Men's Novice Sculls Herne Bay (A) Dover Deal (B) 9.06
Mens Junior Scull Herne Bay (A) Bexhill (B) Dover (A) 8.54
Mens Junior Pairs Deal (B) Deal (A) Bexhill (A) 9.50
Mens Junior 4 Deal (A) Deal (B) Bexhill 8.22
Mens Junior Senior 4 Deal (A) Deal (B) Bexhill 8.21
Veterans 40+ Folkestone Bexhill Herne Bay (A) 8.55
Veterans 50+ Bexhill Folkestone Herne Bay 9.14
Mens Senior Scull Deal Bexhill (C) Herne Bay 8.30
Mens Senior Pairs Deal (A) Bexhill (A) Folkestone 8.54
Mens Senior 4 Herne Bay (A) Eastbourne (A) Bexhill (A) 8.17

Thanks to all club members and visiting crews for making this year's Regatta a success. The full results are below:

Event Race 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Time
1 J14 Quad Sculls Deal Shoreham Bexhill Folkestone (A) Herne Bay n/a 4.35
2 Mens Senior Scull Eastbourne Shoreham Herne Bay (A) Dover (A) Herne Bay (B) Bexhill (B) 9.19
3 Ladies/J16 Quad Sculls Shoreham Herne Bay Bexhill Deal Eastbourne Dover 4.13
4 Men's Novice Sculls Bexhill (B) Folkestone Dover (A) Deal (B) Bexhill (A) Shoreham (B) 9.40
5 Mens J16 Quad Sculls Herne Bay Bexhill Deal n/a n/a n/a 4.06
6 Veterans 50+ Bexhill Herne Bay Shoreham Dover n/a n/a 9.10
7 Mens Novice 4 Shoreham Dover (A) Eastbourne Herne Bay (A) Herne Bay (B) Bexhill (B) 9.49
8 Ladies Junior Pairs Shoreham (A) Deal Shoreham (B) Worthing (A) Bexhill Worthing (B) 10.24
9 Mens Junior Senior 4 Herne Bay (A) Folkestone Deal (A) Herne Bay (C) Bexhill (B) Deal (C) 9.50
10 Mens Junior Pairs Deal (A) Shoreham Herne Bay Bexhill Deal (B) Folkestone 9.10
11 Ladies Senior 4 Shoreham (A) Bexhill (A) Worthing Herne Bay Bexhill (B) Deal 9.16
12 Mens Senior 4 Bexhill (A) Deal Herne Bay (B) Eastbourne (B) Eastbourne (A) Dover 7.58
13 Veterans 40+ Folkestone Bexhill (B) Hastings Bexhill (A) Deal Herne Bay (A) 8.38
14 Ladies Senior Pairs Shoreham (A) Worthing (B) Deal (A) Bexhill (B) Dover Deal (B) 9.09
15 Mens Junior 4 Deal (A) Herne Bay (B) Deal (B) Folkestone Bexhill (A) Deal (C) 8.32
16 Mens Junior Scull n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
17 Ladies Novice 4 Herne Bay (A) Eastbourne Bexhill (A) Dover (B) Henre Bay (B) Shoreham 9.52
18 Mens Senior Pairs Bexhill (A) Bexhill (D) Deal (A) Shoreham (B Bexhill (B) Deal (C) 8.21
19 Ladies Junior 4 Shoreham (A) Worthing Deal (A) Dover Herne Bay Bexhill 9.11

Event 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
MENS SENIOR FOURS ; Bexhill Herne Bay Bexhill Bexhill
MENS J/SENIOR FOURS ; Eastbourne Dover Bexhill Herne Bay
MENS JUNIOR FOURS ; Herne Bay Herne Bay Herne Bay Bexhill
MENS NOVICE FOURS ; Herne Bay Herne Bay Deal Bexhill
VETERAN 40+ FOURS ; Bexhill A Herne Bay Dover Shoreham
VETERAN 50+ FOURS ; Bexhill Shoreham Herne Bay Dover
LADIES SENIOR FOURS ; Shoreham Bexhill Worthing Worthing
LADIES JUNIOR FOURS ; Shoreham Bexhill Worthing Shoreham
LADIES NOVICE FOURS ; Dover Shoreham Dover Worthing
MENS SENIOR PAIRS ; Bexhill Deal Shoreham Bexhill
LADIES SENIOR PAIRS ; Shoreham Worthing Bexhill Shoreham
MENS JUNIOR PAIRS ; Herne Bay Shoreham Bexhill Herne Bay
LADIES JUNIOR PAIRS ; Bexhill Shoreham Herne Bay Eastbourne
MENS SENIOR SCULLS ; Bexhill Herne Bay Bexhill Shoreham
MENS JUNIOR SCULLS ; Deal Bexhill Herne Bay Dover
MENS NOVICE SCULLS ; Shoreham Herne Bay Deal Shoreham
MENS U/16 QUAD SCULL: Herne Bay Bexhill Eastbourne  

For Guidance the approx location of the Start/Finish Line and the turning buoys are shown below.

This is the course currently used for all rowing Regattas at Herne Bay and the distance between the start/finish line and the turning buoys is approx 1,000 meters.

Lane One is nearest the shore.