No racing again last weekend - Worthing Regattas due to be held on the 10th and 11th June have been postponed to a later date - for latest info see the Rgatta calendar on this website.

Herne Bay Amateur Rowing Club kick started this year’s summer regattas on Saturday, competing against other clubs from the South Coast at Folkestone's Viking Shield Regatta.

The only win of the day was by our veteran 50+ fours crew led by Liz Taylor in stroke position, Steve Tupper, Sally Watkins (both from Folkestone Rowing Club) and John Cox. They took on two other crews in the cold April waters to finish in first position!

The first race for the club started with George Holness, taking position for the men’s junior sculls heats. After a strong row by George, he qualified for the finals, where he came third overall, followed by Luke Towner, captain of the rowing club in the senior sculls race, who fought through seven other rowers to finish a commendable third place.

Other crews who did exceedingly well were ladies Junior fours Emily Noyes, Kaye Sullivan, Scarlett Bates and Natasha Tricks, coxed by John Cox, who came in a close second place, an impressive jump from last year’s races. Later on in the day the same crew went on to race the senior category, where they again came a tiring second out of five crews. Again the girls should be very proud of themselves for their improvements in technique, speed and power.

The Bay’s ladies novice fours had a great start, Jasmine Amos, Georgia Shelton, Zoe Tyler and Elizabeth Ling also improved on their racing abilities by finishing second place.

And last but not least, Scarlett Bates and Elizabeth Taylor came in third place in the ladies double sculls race. These two make a great crew on the water – their power and determination really push them through to the end, working really well as a team.

All in all, a very successful day for the club. We'd like to say a massive thank you to Dover and Folkestone rowing club for the loan of their equipment and huge congratulations to Luke Towner for surviving his first regatta as captain!

composite vet 50 crew at Viking Shield Regatta

We're going to be at Herne Bay Bandstand on Sunday the 19th March between 9.00am and 4.00pm raising money for Demelza children's hospice.

So come down and support the club or find out what we do for this Olympic sport.

We're also looking at recruiting new members keen on joining us for our summer season.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Herne Bay ergothon 2017

Meet your new captain, Luke Scott Towner. Born in Canterbury in 1990, the 26 year old Herne Bay resident grew up with rowing in his blood and now the captain of HBARC (for a second time) has answered a few questions so you can find out more about him.

Luke Towner - Herne Bay Captain 2017

What town did you grow up in and where were you born?
I was born in Canterbury, live in Herne bay but my family and I moved to Spain for three years when I was 10yrs old.

What do you like to do in your spare time, other than rowing?
I like watching a lot of films. My all-time favourite is Spartacus (1960’s version with Kirk Douglas).

Do you have any pets?
Yes. I have a dog called Nola. Although she’s becoming my mum’s dog now, I’m still her favourite!

You have recently achieved a qualification in tree surgery, congratulations! What is the qualification and how are you using it?
Yes I passed tree felling, tree climbing and cutting courses. I plan to start up a tree surgery and landscaping business.

What age did you start rowing?
I think I must have been about six or seven years old. We used to have a beach hut and I remember my granddad turning up with a sculling boat on his shoulder. He taught me the basics one summer then I never got back into a boat until I was 15.

Having been brought up with rowing, what's your favourite thing about the sport?
There's always room for improvement. There's nothing better than spending the summer with a crazy bunch of people, improving, racing and hopefully winning races and then celebrating.

What got you into rowing?
Whilst I was in Spain I played a lot of basketball and continued to play when I moved back to England. But when school was finished I had nothing to do. As my granddad and mum had done so well in their rowing in the past, I decided to give it a go. All the basic training my granddad had given me nearly 10years previous all came flooding back and I picked it up quite easily.

Which famous celebrity do you aspire to and why?
I'd rather be myself!

Now that you're Captain, what skills/learnings/experience /values will you bring to the club?
I just want everyone to enjoy themselves. People don't want to put the training and effort into things they don't enjoy. If a crew or individual is really enjoying the sport then that's when the good results start coming on regatta days.

I understand that you were previously captain between 2010 to 2011. How did you find that experience?
I was only 20/21 years old at the time so it was hard to get people older than me to see my point of view at first. But there was a prize given to at least one crew every regatta so I guess it wasn't that bad! Although I did fall asleep in the bath for the second biggest regatta of their year...

And how will this time be different?
Bath ban on the morning of regattas for a start! We will see. I have been away from the club most of last year so I need to see who we have and what their strengths are first and go from there.

Finally, do you have a top tip to give someone who is looking at starting up rowing for the first time? Yes. Be willing to do a lot of waiting around! Once you get in a boat you'll realise why we all get addicted to the sport. Every outing is different so stick with it!

Great advice, Luke! Here’s to a great year and hopefully more, as captain of HBARC.

The South Coast Championship Regatta hosted by Herne Bay last weekend was undeniably a great success and a great demonstration of coastal rowing.

This was largely due to the hard work put in by the Championship Committee chaired by Ryan Epps and a big thanks goes to all of them.

The picture below was taken at the reception on Friday night after the draw had been made but before a great days racing when the weather was kind to us and conditions for rowing were ideal (though I'm sure none of them expected anything different).

I hope to have the full results soon (a summary is on the club Facebook page).

South Coast Championships Committee Herne Bay2016